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Stockholm, May 2020


Scandinavian fashion brand The_wiman introduces its first seasonless collection

The_wiman is a circular slow fashion brand from Stockholm, Sweden. The first collection will be available exclusively at with pre-order starting in June.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden 2019 by Therese Wiman, the brand aims to design for circularity and to be the sustainable go-to option for a modern Scandinavian style closet.

Seasonless modern wardrobe - slow fashion collections

The brand’s approach is seasonless and reflects a modern way of dressing. The first collection consists of a selection of ready-to-wear styles designed to be used on any occasion. The first drop consists of relaxed yet stylish trousers and tops made from a sustainable fabric of european origin. The collection is sewn by a family run company in Portugal. We aim to attract modern women who consume sustainable and strong value brands.

Minimal waste, second-hand and upcycling

the_wiman’s circular approach is brought to life via a minimal waste approach and a second-hand section online. Worn designs can be sent back to the_wiman to be sold as “pre-loved” to new consumers on the site. In the near future, the_wiman will expand with an up-cycle concept where pre-owned items will be re-designed.

the_wiman is available exclusively in brand flagship store with pre-orders starting in June with delivery in July. the_wiman will be available in select physical and digital retail destinations coon.

About the_wiman

We design, develop, and market slow fashion for modern women on-the-go. We sell, resell, and redesign our products for prolongation of the product life cycle. We are founded on strong sustainable values and believe that our customers are driven by this too.