We source our partners very carefully and we have found some amazing people that share our values. We think it is important to share this information with you so please read below. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. 

We strive to minimise the negative carbon footprint in our overall business and we know for a fact that it is during the actual production the majority of negative impact for the environment is caused. This is why we focus so hard on finding partners we believe share our values. 


This is our main partner for the 2022 drop of the slow collection.

"Fugeetex offers a circular and resource efficient production model that counteracts overproduction and reduces environmental footprint. By valuing and developing existing craftsmanship skills among new arrivals in Sweden, we transform the fashion industry's demand and needs into integration and employment."



This is our main partner for the 2020 drop of the slow collection.

The company is based in Braga, Portugal. It is a family run and owned business with 39 people currently in the total staff. We spoke to our main contact, Marta, who is the daughter of the founders.

 We operate on the standard working hours per week: daily 8.30h to 12.30h, in the morning (with 10min. break at 10.00h); then, in the afternoon, from 13.30h to 17.30h. The youngest member of staff is 23 years old, our pattern designer. And the oldest are my parents at 65 years old. The oldest sewing lady is 61 years old and all employees have a health insurance. Average wage for the production staff: around 800,00€, being the minimum wage regulated by the State at 635,00€

We usually donate children´s clothing to orphanages, for instance; to the local scouts for them to raise money for their annual activities; we also cooperate with the Arts Festival Guimarães noc noc whenever they need materials to some of their activities.

Our efforts to limit emissions and carbon footprint in the production facilities: all our lights are Led; we organize our daily itinerary to suppliers in a way that we can reduce the fuel used; we are now applying for the first star on the Lean & Green project; we also support our local industrial community by sourcing everything locally: we reduce the carbon footprint and help the textile business around us. We are now developing a project to achieve completely renewable power driven facilities and production no later than 2023.

Other sustainable initiatives: we have participated on a survey and study case for a research Ernest & Young were doing to the European commission regarding Sustainability strategies for companies involving all the Stakeholders and governance. We always give our clients options to go more sustainable, even when they are not requesting it at first contact.

Commenting on the choice of using TENCEL™ in this collection; TENCEL™ is a biodegradable organic natural polymer coming from cellulose. It is a soft, comfortable material that benefits the women silhouette. 

Thank you Marta for sharing.

Certificates including subcontractors:

    • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
    • ISO 9001
    • BCI - Better Cotton Initiative

Ongoing processes; OCS - Organic Content Standard, RCS - Recycled Claim Standard and Lean & Green - tackling CO2 emissions.

Another very important partner is the supplier of the fabric we use. You can read more about them in a blog post here.