vi är ett hållbart och ansvarstagande klädföretag från Sverige


We are pleased to inform you that our circular service is now open. This is a vital part of our reason to be.

The initial production of a garment accounts for the majority of the environmental negative impact and there is a major challenge with overproduction in the fashion industry. If you, just like us, aspire to be a part of the solution - below is your ticket. Best way to do your part is to buy less and to wear those garments for a long period of time. But, we also understand that every woman wants some newness and rotation to her wardrobe.

This is the background to why we initiate this service and it is one of the reason we carry a limited number of styles in our current collection.

The concept is straight forward;

Send your the_wiman garment back to us, in return you will receive a value voucher (valid 5 years).
We will assess the condition and make a decision on the next step. Either we publish it on our second hand site to be resold or we redesign the garment and bring it to new life in a future up-cycled collection, made in Sweden.

Phone Therese (+46 722 506156) or send us an e-mail ( to sort all details on shipping, address etc.

We are currently also looking into rentals. Is that something you would be interested in? 




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