How do you recycle the garments that longer serves you? Statistics shows that a great deal goes into the standard waste bin and some circulates via various second hand apps - thats great.

We believe every company and brand that produces garments or other products also should acknowledge that they have a responsibility that stretches beyond the check out. the_wiman as a brand takes on a great deal of responsibility and one very straight forward thing we do is to clearly recommend how to recycle our garments and this info is included on each product page. 

We invite everyone to mend, swop or give away* but we also offer a service to buy back our own design. Our customer receives a voucher check back from us. We accept the garment to be in any condition, all we claim is that it is from our slow collection. 

This service is called buy back and we think this is a really cool way to work, hope you agree? Please comment below.


*Another great idea is to sell or rent fashion via Tradera, Blocket, ReRobe, Tise, Sellpy eller hyra plagg från exempelvis Gemme eller Hack your Closet.  

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