the_wiman is a value-driven sustainable and circular womenswear brand. We are committed to making the best choices every day across the business to minimize our social and environmental negative impact.

We strive to be a company that contributes to sustainable development at all our touch points. We care about the raw material and processes that goes into producing the fabric we are using and we care about the seamstresses in the production and to prolong the lifetime of the garments.

Initially, when starting the brand, we put our thoughts to paper and this is a living document that we will revisit periodically. Please enjoy.


We source our partners carefully. We monitor their staffs work ours, facilities and work environment fulfils high standard. Our assessment is based on physical audits and interviews.

We are still a small company but when we have a chance to build a bigger team we will wholeheartedly support all people no matter ethnicity, gender, age etc.

It all comes down to being nice to our people and the coming generations.



Fabric choices and production processes are particularly important hence the predominant consequence it has. 70% of the emission caused per each item produced are to be affected in the stage of production only. We chose fabrics that are low in use of water with eco/organic origin and plant based, of natural fibers and/or vegan. Our ambition is to only source fabric that are grown/produced and controlled in Europe.

We design, sell and re-design our products and services for prolongation of raw material lifecycle. To do this, we put in an extra geer in the design process. It is easier to recycle a garment if it contains of one single type of fiber than multiple. It is extremely hard to separate for example cotton and polyester. But if you use only one type of fiber it is more manageable to re-use that item. Another point is use applications like zips and buttons less liberally. Printed yarn or fabrics are another great source of pollution why we strive to avoid printed fabrics. We are currently looking into natural dyeing methods for future items. 

We need to be profitable to be able to persevere hence we price our products at a certain level. We revisit the calculations behind the price tags periodically.